HOYME Combustion Air Damper

"Putting a Damper on Cold Air"

Hoyme Combustion Air Damper


HOYME Series dampers automatically control fresh air for combustion in residential and commercial buildings. Sizes range from 4″ to 9″ diameters in increments of 1″. For larger commercial sizes, several dampers are mounted in tandem with end switches connected in series. May be used for retrofit and new installations.

Passive fresh air inlet ducts waste energy, are sometimes plugged and therefore become unsafe. Alternatively, HMI HOYME Motorized Dampers are safe as there is no need to plug the duct. The result is added comfort, added safety and a saving in energy costs.

Series HOYME dampers are connected to the appliance transformer and are power closed. When the appliance fires, the damper drops open by gravity and does not interfere with appliance transformer.

CSA International Certified. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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