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About Us

Active Air Ltd. is an industrial, commercial and residential full-service HVAC company. Specializing in ventilation and furnace cleaning, service and repairs. We opened our doors in Calgary, Alberta in 2008 and expanded our offices to Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie in 2013, adding offices in Red Deer and Edmonton in 2017.

Our company uses state of the art equipment for furnace and ventilation cleaning for any size home or business. The air you breathe is our utmost importance and we will clean and repair your systems of airborne particles and other contaminants.

Industry Experience

With over 22 years of experience working with HVAC systems, we have met and overcome almost every problem you can think of. From cleaning the air in your home, to providing a better environment at work, Active Air promises to do the job right. We are SECOR certified, carry $5,000,000 in liability insurance, have WCB coverage on all employees and never use “third party” contractors. 

Comprehensive Health and Safety

In addition to our cleaning process we have adapted a sanitization process the is able to be evenly applied throughout your system. This is especially helpful as many times our ducts are infested with rodents and insects. In sanitizing the whole system, the air you are breathing in is entirely safe. The sanitization solution we use is 100% natural, and safe to humans and animals and is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Our team has extensive experience cleaning schools, large commercial buildings, hi-rises, hospitals, provincial and government buildings, throughout Canada. We are happy to provide our services at any of your locations from the West Coast to the East Coast. Our technicians are trained professionals and have all the equipment to ensure a proper and thorough job.

We take great pride and care for the air that your clients and employees breathe every day.  Every project deserves a careful and thorough cleaning, and we can guarantee that no matter how large or small the project is, our team will ensure that every corner in your duct system will be properly taken care of. 

Commercial High Dusting Program

In addition to our ventilation cleaning we are pleased to offer our high dusting program. While most companies incorporate some sort of cleaning staff into their business plan, these cleaners only remove the build up of dust and debris accumulation within reach. Whether this be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the ceilings, beams, cross vents and fans are often left out. This can cause an unsightly amount of build up visible to your customers and clients.

Active Air Ltd. is able to provide this service using specialized industry equipment which removes the need to use the traditional method of compressed air, which is loud, messy and disruptive. Our technique allows our technicians to clean and sanitize the ceilings, with the least amount of disruption to your business as possible.

Commercial Ventilation System
Duct Cleaning Portable Vacuum


At Active Air Ltd., we use state of the art equipment and practices. We utilize top-of-the-line Hypervac systems and specialty cleaning tools inside your furnace, air vents and air ducts. These include: brushes, rotors, and whips of many different configurations. We provide infrared cameras for clients wishing to see the before, after and during the cleaning process. We will tailor our equipment and cleaning processes to the unique requirements of the heating and cooling systems in your building. 

In addition to furnace and ventilation cleaning, we also specialize in the cleaning of MUAs (Make Up Air), RTUs (Roof Top Units), AHUs (Air Handling Units). Our highly skilled technicians are able to handle all your ventilation needs.

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